UnderSea Resort San Francisco Opening Fall 2012
UnderSea Resort Miami Opening Fall 2011
UnderSea Resort Honolulu Opening Fall 2012



Cala has started the pre-sale for the entire UnderSea Resort and Casino ships, a new ocean leisure concept incorporating the elegance of a luxury undersea atmosphere habitat. The UnderSea ships will also include the largest casino and spa ever built. Each Undersea Resort will be sold around $600 million unless the prospective buyer interior outfitting plans are otherwise. In addition, the company is in discussion with several major municipalities to place few or several Undersea Resort, Convention and Spa in order to meet the market demands.


UnderSea Resort New York City Opening Fall 2011
UnderSea Resort Mexico schedule for Fall 2013
Future UnderSea Resort for Fall 2013 to be disclosed soon

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